Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shiro Cosmetics Notebook Collection Mini Review + Swatches + FOTD

left to right: Heart Attack, Task Force, Shinigami, More Sugar, Perfect World
bottom (for comparison) Sugarpill's Weekender and Goldilux

Shiro Cosmetics' Death Note inspired collection is something I've been meaning to swatch for a long time. I've had the samples for quite some time now, but better late than never, I suppose. These were swatched in natural light.

I'm calling this a mini-review because I don't have much to say about it. The colors are lovely and complement each other well. They all go on smoothly and wear well. I'm especially glad for the soft gold that "Perfect World" is, though "Heart Attack" was probably my favorite color. You've probably noticed only half the collection is swatched here. All my shots of the other half were total garbage, but these were my favorite colors anyway. The only color I'm sad I couldn't capture correctly was "Second Kira," a charcoal color with gold sparkles. The swatch for it on Shiro's official website accurately portrays its awesomeness.

Death Note was one of my favorite anime in highschool. I cosplayed every main character at some point; L, Light and Misa. For Otakon 2007 I cosplayed L and my girlfriend cosplayed Light. So I feel a certain connection to this collection.

someone caught a photo of us kissing

I did a quick makeup look a while ago with Perfect World, Heart Attack and Second Kira along with Sugarpill's Asylum. It turned out pretty well, and is a nice warm color look. It was a very soft, smokey, almost innocent look at first.. which I liked.

with Buxom's Lip Polish in Destiny (still rocking the mermaid hair)

But I couldn't resist adding a more bold lip color to it. Amazing how much a darker lip can affect a look.

with Illamasqua's Hermetic Lipgloss

I  also wore one of my favorite outfits this day. I wish I had full body shots of it, but these blurry things will have to do.

Sheer Dot Blouse - Iron Fist
Demon Vial Necklace - Suppurate System
Steampunk Vest - Lip Service

♥ le petit alice