Wednesday, February 16, 2011

American Cupcake

Recently my best friend, Lizard, pointed me toward American Cupcake through an article posted on Urban Daddy about the newest item on their menu; Red Velvet Fried Chicken. Red Velvet is one of my favorite cakes and interesting food combinations like this intrigue me to no end, so of course I had to try it.

Myles and I drove up to Sausalito in the afternoon to spend some time walking around the town.

Outfit Breakdown:
  • Tights: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly Super Suspender
  • Boots: Forever21
  • Skirt: Forever21
  • Shirt: Target
  • Puffy Heart Necklace: Tilly's
American Cupcake is an adorable on the inside. The interior is almost completely white, but is bathed in a soft pastel glow from the lights on the ceiling which change color regularly.

American Cupcake has a cute selection of cocktails like the Drunken Ballerina (sparking wine and sprinkles with a little toy ballerina floating around in the glass), the Hot Guy (fresh lime, hot sauce, lone star and salt) and the Spiked Milkshake of the day. I asked our waitress for a recommendation and decided upon the Incorrigible; raspberry puree, rosewater, mint and sparkling wine.

the Incorrigible

And it comes with a cute little raspberry star gummi!
I had come for the Red Velvet Fried Chicken but in addition to that Myles and I also ordered the waffle fries, pulled pork sliders and a PBA (peanut butter with apple slices).

The waffle fries come with vinegar, lemon aioli and regular ketchup. They were pretty delicious, though they had no seasoning on their own.

Light color changes
The peanut butter sandwiches come with dainty little espresso cups of milk!
I don't actually have any photos of the Red Velvet Fried Chicken that make it look appetizing in the slightest. But I can tell you that it was lovely and moist on the inside. The red velvet cake breading on the outside has a very subtle flavor, making it just slightly sweet. The cream cheese mashed potatoes were delicious, and the cream cheese flavor was also quite subtle.


Dinner was delicious and by the end I was a little tipsy.. but I did manage to end the night with their Cotton Candy Cupcake which was as adorable as it was delicious. No fancy flavors or anything, but definitely tasty.

♥ le petit kiwii

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Fish Called Inky

This past January forsook the snowy climate of Upstate New York and fled to the more temperate shores of Northern California to live with my wonderful boyfriend/fiancé, Myles. I can't describe in words how surreal it is for someone who has lived on the East Coast for the past five years or so to step outside in mid-February to gorgeous 78 degree weather and throw flip flops on. I actually thought it was hot today. I'm turning into a big West Coast softy already.

 outside the NY apartment
During my cross country move I lost something very dear to me; my lucky bamboo plant. It was a gift from my dad and was often the only other living thing in my apartment bedroom besides me. I decided it wouldn't travel well, so I got rid of it

 outside the california apartment

In my desire to have a living thing in the room (to fill the bamboo shaped hole in my heart) I suggested to Myles that we get a betta fish, which I'd been wanting to do for a while. So today, in addition to acquiring bubble tea and sushi, we visited Seascapes Fish & Pets downtown. Their betta selection was smaller than what you would probably see in a chain like PetSmart, but there were a few really lovely specimens to choose from.

I always thought if I got a betta I'd get one that was bright colored; red or possibly blue.. but when I saw this gorgeous black betta I had to have him.

 Inky with my lego Helvetica "a" behind him

I have dubbed him Inkwell Quill, or Inky... a name which only came about after I decided to start calling him Inky while obsessing over him in the store. He does look quite like someone dropped a spot of ink in a glass of water. He also has a lovely subtle blue-ish sheen on parts of him which I love. 

At any rate, he's a really elegant little guy and it's nice to have a pet again for the first time in many years.

♥ le petit kiwii