Sunday, March 25, 2012

Steam Trunk Couture Archery Gloves - Five and Diamond SF

I had a delightfully quiet Thursday to myself this past week and I was finally able to make it back to Five and Diamond to take advantage of a sale they were having.

I've been eyeing Steam Trunk's Archery Gloves for more than a year now after trying them on at the Edwardian Ball. I'm happy to say that after a year of lusting I bought them.

Gloves for me, unfortunately, are a bit like hats. I seem to really love them, I spend a decent amount of money on them and then never seem to find anything appropriate to wear with them. But these gloves are too damn gorgeous and buttery soft for me to avoid wearing them. That being said they are slightly large on me, but I can accept that since they make me look completely badass.

a close-up of five & diamond's gorgeous bags

I also picked up this lovely watch necklace, mostly for the color scheme.

I stumbled across 780 Cafe in between shopping and going to a friend's place to watch Game of Thrones. It's a very pleasant space for a design geek like myself and the mocha I ordered was pretty decent. I also finally got some use out of my new h.naoto Blood bag, which I was worried was a little too small but comfortably accommodates my huge Juicy Couture wallet, my camera and my giant brick of a portable phone charger/battery with room to spare.

mm, mocha..
h.naoto blood suspender bag

I also happened to run into this little cutie, dressed to match her owner. I then creepily asked for a photo.

I wish you could see me or the bizarre window display better.

I really need to spend more of my days off in the city. It's fun to go exploring and there's a lot to see.

♥ le petit alice

Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturday Shoot

I haven't been part of a photo shoot since I left college last year, but this Saturday I decided to help out a friend who needed me to stand in to do some lighting tests for a shoot. It ended up turning into its own thing and I had a lot of fun. I definitely want to do it again soon!

I finally got to wear my new NAOTO SEVEN headband out. It's so lovely and elegant.. not something I can't see myself wearing out every day, unfortunately.

Hopefully photos from the shoot turn out decently so I can post a few on here for you to see! I'm eager to show off the GRAMM dress I was wearing. It's quickly become one of my favorites and it's super comfy as well!

makeup with sugarpill and illamasqua

My makeup was a little sloppy because I was in a rush.
Sugarpill's Tako, Love+ and Bulletproof pressed shadows.
Eyelashes, which you cannot see very well here, are Illamasqua #017.

♥ le petit alice