Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturday Shoot

I haven't been part of a photo shoot since I left college last year, but this Saturday I decided to help out a friend who needed me to stand in to do some lighting tests for a shoot. It ended up turning into its own thing and I had a lot of fun. I definitely want to do it again soon!

I finally got to wear my new NAOTO SEVEN headband out. It's so lovely and elegant.. not something I can't see myself wearing out every day, unfortunately.

Hopefully photos from the shoot turn out decently so I can post a few on here for you to see! I'm eager to show off the GRAMM dress I was wearing. It's quickly become one of my favorites and it's super comfy as well!

makeup with sugarpill and illamasqua

My makeup was a little sloppy because I was in a rush.
Sugarpill's Tako, Love+ and Bulletproof pressed shadows.
Eyelashes, which you cannot see very well here, are Illamasqua #017.

♥ le petit alice


  1. Very beautiful! Hope you got the pictures!

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