Monday, February 27, 2012

Cyperous Wig Review & Strawberry Pudding

doing my best kpop idol impression
I'm fortunate enough to work in an environment where no one cares that my hair is green, blue and purple... I'm equally fortunate that they seem not to care that I'm constantly wearing different, oddly colored wigs.

September of last year I ordered a few things from the Japanese wig company Cyperous. I ordered a 'point' wig that I used to do my Marie Antoinette/gyaru inspired hairdo:

huuuge poof that I love
I also got some curly purple extensions and this long two-tone wig in wine red/black:

As far as quality goes, it's pretty soft and doesn't give off too much shine. I've had a lot of people mistake it for my real hair. As you can see from the photos it's a very lovely color and shape. Everything came packaged very well, with complimentary wig caps that I actually get a lot of use from.

Cyperous makes a lot of really lovely styles and does have support for international customers so you don't have to use a shopping service. There is a link on their site to assist international customers with ordering that is pretty easy to follow.

I will say this though, the payment system they use looks EXTREMELY sketchy. I was initially worried I had been the victim of a type of phishing scam. So be wary, but I can vouch that that weird payment page you receive at the end is legitimate.

Cyperous also has a cosplay wig division that has a pretty good selection. My next order will probably be this blond wig to replace my current 'Alice' wig and this blue-green curly wig.

In completely unrelated news, Paris Baguette near me recently started carrying pudding. This strawberry pudding is like crack to me.

♥ le petit alice


  1. Looks like such good quality. Actually looks like real hair.
    I'm so disappointed in people that believe my wig is my real hair. It doesn't look like that at all!

    Are you able to use heat on it?

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  3. I want to see more on you! This review made me REALLY WANT that wig! Do you think you will be getting anymore cyperous wigs?