Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skinny Bones - Outfit Post

I've been obsessively following StregaForest on tumblr recently because I find myself quite taken with the dark mori look. A huge plus is there seem to be a lot of Gramm pieces posted to Strega Forest, and my closet is like half Gramm already. Today's look was inspired by what I've been looking at there.

Black knit top - Black Peace Now
Birdcage rose necklace - Suppurate System
Chiffon Skirt - h.naoto MELT
Cream top - Free People
Tights - Topshop
Baroque Boots - John Fluevog

There are not words to describe how lovely these Fluevog boots are. I don't wear them often because there's honestly much I feel is worthy of wearing them with. ;-;

I've been wearing variations this ball-jointed doll inspired eye makeup look with this bob wig kind of frequently:

BJDs often have a very high gloss look around the lips and eyes. Occasionally the shine that you see around the eyes looks like it may actually be a painted in highlight (like this), I have a hard time telling.. bjd owners, please enlighten me. At any rate.. a good way to mimic that look around the eye area is to stipple some silver eyeshadow (wet) on the lower lash line and just above your eye.

It does look a little awkward on the upper lid since I'm not a doll and I have to blink.. which reveals the fact that it's just kind of a silvery line sitting awkwardly in mid-lid.. but it's a look I'm constantly working on making better because I really do enjoy doing BJD inspired looks.

I decided not to go for really showy eyelashes today though.. I'll probably try this look with more doll-like falsies in the future. I'd do a tutorial if I thought anyone would be interested.

the shine looks a lot more intense in person
♥ le petit alice

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