Sunday, February 5, 2012


I've wanted peacock colors in my hair for a long time, but I couldn't bare to completely part with my purple, so I made a compromise. I also gave myself a little trim. I'm wondering when I'm going to get tired of this hairstyle... I guess I have enough wigs that I can change it up whenever I feel like it.

There are actually a total of five colors in my hair. I mixed dye in different cups to make sure it gradated the way I wanted it to. The only color I didn't use completely by itself was Special Effects Limelight, which is just mixed 50/50 with Stargazer Tropical Green. I also used Crazy Color Pine Green, Directions Turquoise and Alfaparf Jean's Color in Violet.

I'm pretty happy with how the colors turned out. They all seem to be very vibrant. No word yet on their staying power, since I've only had these colors in for three days now, but I'll probably post of photos of how it fades.

Also, I know everyone and their mother already has it, but I got Urban Decay's Naked Palette, which I used in these photos. There would be no point in swatching it since every single beauty blogger has already done it.

Some of my favorite things were laying out on my desk recently.. making it all the more clear how much I dearly love black. The perfume is Kat Von D's Sinner, which I wear daily. The nail polish is Illamasqua's semi-matte black, Scorn.

♥ le petit alice


  1. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

  2. I love the color! did you have to bleach your hair first to get it that bright? I'm also asian and its always been hard to get a good dye job, especially DIY

    1. Hey, doll~ I did indeed have to bleach it. My hair is pretty damaged because of it. I completely feel your pain.