Monday, February 20, 2012

Tutorial - Ga-In, Bad Temper Mono-lid look

I don't listen to that much K-pop music honestly, but I fell in love with Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls after seeing her dance in the video for their song Abracadabra. Since then she's become kind of my mono-lid hero.. much like Kiera Knightly is my small-boobs hero. But I digress.

Ga-In had some interesting mono-lid catering makeup going for her single Bad Temper.

Ga-In in all of her sexy, sexy glory...
I decided to take a stab at replicating the look. I did this literally a few hours ago at about 3 in the morning with no references in front of me, so unfortunately it's not super accurate After looking at a few photos of Ga-In after the fact I realized there are quite a few details I screwed up. At any rate, this is my interpretation of her Bad Temper look.

First I applied my foundation normally and primed my lids with Urban Decay's Primer Potion in the regular shade.

For this look I used all Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows. It did occur to me that using a regular black liquid eyeliner might actually have sped up the process, but what can I say.. I like doing things the hard way.

I used this brush to apply Tako to both lids first. I admit one side came up slightly higher than the other, but I was too lazy to redo it.

After that I slowly traced a line above the white with the tip of an angled brush, applying Afterparty wet.

At some point I realized I probably should have done the black winged liner first, but it didn't really matter yet, so I went ahead and added it then to give me some guideline as to where the blue should end. Again, angled brush applying Sugarpill's 'Bulletproof' wet.

Here's what I had so far. I decided to leave the black very thin for the mean time and build it up thicker after I was finished with the blue on top.

I finished the blue line so the end rested a little past where the corner of my eye is. It was still just kind of a sketchy outline at this point.

Once I was confident with my outline I thickened the blue line at the corners so there was a taper and added blue above the winged black liner and overlapped it a bit with the black.

I lined the bottom lash line with black, lightly.

Then I went over that black with a little bit more blue, filled my brows in and added a very, very subtle highlight with Tako to my browbone.

Here's the finished look. The wings tilt are angled further upward than Ga-In's and the color placement is a little off.. I may try this one again, but it still looks okay, so I'm not completely disappointed.

♥ le petit alice


  1. So pretty I'm going to have to try this out..

    1. Definitely! I want to see what it would look like on a non-monolid.

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