Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fantasy Figurative Art by Marca

A few weekends back I attended the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts. There were quite a few talented artists that caught my eye, but when I saw the booth for Fantasy Figurative Art by MARCA I knew I'd be leaving with at least one purchase.

The booth was divided into two distinct styles; the right side being the more floral and colorful side, and the left side being distinctly more monochrome and gothy. Naturally I was magnetically attracted to the left side.

Her website states that orders come with name cards and back-stories, however the ones I bought did not, probably because they were not online orders.

Anyway, they're adorable and exactly my style. If you're looking some little friends to grace your shelf or dresser you can find MARCA's work for sale on etsy.


She wrapped up the dolls in this popcorn bag which added a touch of carnival-themed whimsey, which I loved.

And here's a random photo of me enjoying a knish which I bought at the festival. It was delicious.
♥ le petit kiwii

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