Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics - Kawaiishadows Collection

So, this past month I placed my first Shiro Cosmetics order. What can I say, they had a Black Friday/Cyber Monday say going on; I had run out of excuses to pass them up.

My order was comprised of a million swatches;

The Complete Science Collection
The Complete Legends Collection
The Complete Super Effective Collection
The Complete Death Note Collection

The only full sized products I purchased was the Kawaiishadows.

Since my order turned out to be around eighty dollars, even with the discount, I chose the free shipping option. I received a confirmation email almost immediately afterward.

I placed my order on Novermber 28th and received it December 13th.
Total turn around time = 15 days

Kawaiishadows is comprised of five pastel shades in Yatta (yellow), Banzai (green), Desu (blue), Lolita (purple), and Kawaii (pink). The shadows plus the 2 pieces of Japanese candy that come with them are packed up in a cute little box with pink and blue ribbon. It really does strike me as something that makes a really good present.

The color payoff was good, even on my darker skin. I was especially impressed with Banzai. It shows up looking a little more on the cyan side here, but in real life it's more of a mint green. Lolita was probably my second favorite, with just the shade of pastel purple that I really like. I actually have a few pastel purple's that I want to post comparisons of it next to, since they are all actually quite similar. Kawaii is probably the one the least noticeable or flattering with my skin tone, but who knows, I'd love to find a way to use it.

Lolita, Desu, Yatta, Banzai and Kawaii (all swatched wet)

I did a really simple test on one eye to see if I'd really wear pastel shades like this. I'm not normally the type to wear a lot of pastels. I tend to think it doesn't look as good on my medium toned skin as it does on darker skin or really pale people.. but I was surprised once I was wearing it how much I really enjoyed the effect. I felt like a little sherbet princess!

Yatta (inner corner), Banzai, Desu and Lolita (outer corner) Sugarpill's Hysteric (faded) on my eyebrows
Overall I'm really pleased with these shadows. To think I was considering swatching them and giving them to someone who wears more pastels than me! *cough*Tempest*cough*

As soon as I have time I'll make an insanely huge swatch post with all the samples in my order. But I'm pretty sure they'll be equally impressive

♥ le petit alice

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  1. Amazing colors especially Lolita and Desu.
    I didn't know this brand, I m gonna have a look now.
    Thanks for the swatch