Monday, May 14, 2012

Cute Toilet Mats & Rugs from RomaPri

I'm not normally one for super cute home decor, but Romantic Princess had a few things I'd make an exception for. They carry a lot of furniture items like bedspreads, dressers, rugs and kotatsu but they also also have other random household trinkets and fashion items.


Their stuff seems to fit a more hime-gyaru type of style, but I thought this toilet mat set was reminiscent of Sentimental Circus, which I adore.

I'm sorely tempted to get some of their cute rugs. Once again, most of them are a bit too pastel/cute for my taste, but I think I could make a couple of things work. They do also have a section that is dedicated to a more gothic style, but it's a very small portion of their overall site.

♥ le petit alice

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