Tuesday, May 1, 2012

h.Jelly Dark Red Rum - outfit post

Time to check one more thing to check off my bucket list; owning something from Dark Red Rum. Too bad the Summer months are fast approaching, as this knit is a bit warm. With something as elaborate as this I think it's best to keep everything else very simple; so no jewelry, some basic makeup, etc.

This gorgeous thing has huge billowing sleeves and lacing details and I'm totally in love with it. Even my boyfriend, who could not care less about fashion, really, REALLY likes it.

As far as Dark Red Rum goes I deeply desire this dress, I'd even be willing to get it altered to fit me perfectly. But it's incredibly expensive, so I may hold off on this insane, wallet-slaying purchase for now. Too bad there's only one left. [sob]

♥ le petit alice


  1. That outfit is amazing, so envious of that knit!

  2. you look totally amazing!!I adore all those fabrics <3 I want to follow you but I can't see the follow button :(

    1. Hey, doll. ♥ The subscribe button is under About Me on the right hand side. You can also follow me on tumblr at alicedollhouse.tumblr.com


  3. Love your outfit post! I thought you might like to know that that DRR dress you like is on sale on Kincs right now for Y35000... If you email Sinc world shop (the main worldwide store) they are very good making you an invoice for items that may not be listed on Sinc yet. I recommend emailing to ask if you can purchase it for the sale price.

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