Friday, April 27, 2012

Shopping Haul - 4.27.12

I got a knock off Alexander McQueen style clutch off of ebay after lusting heavily over the real thing recently. The quality actually isn't terrible, and it was only about fifteen dollars. I can't imagine I'll have too many occasions to use it, but it was cheap enough that I didn't mind skipping lunch at a restaurant to fund it.

I also went out to grab some things in the city a few days ago. I stopped by Neiman Marcus and finally got to pick up Deborah Lippman's Good Girl Gone Bad nail polish along with Glitter in the Air.

two coats of Good Girl Gone Bad with topcoat

I also stopped by the Disney Store, where I honestly didn't expect to get anything. Then I found this adorable Bambi themed linen spray. It's clearly aimed for use with baby clothing, but it smells really nice and I like to be able to freshen up my closet occasionally. Initially it smells a bit like candied pineapple to me and I kind of fell it love with it.

The last thing I got for myself were some chocolates.

Back row, left to right: Pistachio Cup (pistachio buttercream) Cacao Forte (99% Dark Ganache) Blue Cheese Truffle (soft blue cheese & dark chocolate rolled in almonds) 

Front row, left to right: Key Lime (fresh key lime juice in white chocolate) Fleur de Sel Caramel (caramel infused with grey french sea salt) Bananas Foster (banana and caramel flambeed with rum)

While I was looking I asked them to tell me which was the most unique chocolate that they had and they brought out the Blue Cheese Truffle. The taste was definitely unique, smokey and subtle and delicious. It was definitely my favorite of the six that I got.

♥ le petit alice

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