Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Le Petit Prince - Outfit

I got new shorts from h.naoto recently and I had to build an outfit around them as soon as possible. You can't see it in this picture, obviously, but they have amazing frills and a really cute bow on the back. I haven't dressed in anything close to kodona style since high school, but I still love the look.

Top - h.Naoto GRAMM
Shorts - h.Naoto FRILL
Tights - ASOS
Boots - groove [hot topic]
Vampire Fang Blood Vial Necklace - suppurate system

because there's nothing more manly than having a bow on your butt...
Just a shot of my makeup from Photo Booth

♥ le petit alice


  1. Very pretty outfit ...The short black color hot pant is looks amazing .. & the bow placed at the center of the hot pant really looking so funny ...

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