Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter - Bunny Pin-Up

I don't traditionally celebrate most Christian holidays, so "Easter" to me is mainly another excuse to gorge myself on delicious food and spend time with family...

One of my closest friends, Tiff, took this shot for a pin-up calendar project she was doing a while back and I'm still amazed at how she can make even me look sexy. This day makes me miss her a lot.. I remember her inviting me over for an Easter meal she had cooked herself while we were both still in college. The food was delicious and she made me feel so at home, constantly telling me I was too skinny and how she needed to fatten me up. She treats me like family and has always been there for me.

So, Happy Easter, Tiffy. I love you.

And everyone enjoy what's left of their Easter Sunday.
Check out Tiff's lovely photography on her Facebook page.

♥ le petit alice

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  1. I love you more sweety <3 This made my day so much brighter. ;-;