Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Shopping Haul - 7.18.12

I dropped by h.Naoto SF recently, but they haven't received many new items I'm interested in yet (read as: no new Gramm items). So I swung by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright to see what I could see.

I don't wear lolita too much anymore, especially not the sweeter styles, but I do enjoy AATP and some of Baby's jewelry to pair with a gothic or mori girl look. After trying on some head-bows I found a few lovely things in the jewelry display case and I couldn't resist.

I absolutely love their attention to detail when it comes to wrapping your items up for you. My items were packed away in a little baggie with a bow and tucked into a larger Alice and the Pirates bag after the shop girl asked if I had a preference between Pirates and Baby. It was an easy choice; everything dark

I also got this lovely little Alice and the Pirates sticker that will probably grace the back of my iPod touch case.

I bought the Fragrant Rose Memories necklace in Antique Gold. It's a gorgeous piece and the shop girl graciously suggested I look over all the ones they had left in stock so I could choose the one I thought was in the best condition.

And here I am wearing it with my Gramm halter-neck one piece (which by the way is receiving an update soon!).

The Fragrant Rose Memories ring was relatively cheap, so I decided to get the set. It came in an adjustable size that actually did accomodate my teeny fingers.

The thing that caught my eye the most, however, was the Creeping Ribbon ring! It's absolutely perfect and a piece that Baby decided to release in sterling silver! It was definitely worth every penny.

I was shocked when I tried it on and it fit my finger perfectly. I am forever struggling to find unique rings that both fit (I have nothing but bad luck with adjustable/one size rings) and are of high quality.. and this met both of those requirements.

And that concludes my retail therapy for the week!

♥ le petit alice


  1. That ring is perfect! I'm so jealous.. I have the same problem. Your blog is so fabulous!

    1. Yours too, darling~! Following you now. ♥