Thursday, July 12, 2012

TokyoMilk Dark - Review

TokyoMilk has a gorgeous Dark line that I absolutely love the design for. I was lucky enough to receive the "Tainted Love" set from the Femme Fatale collection and the "Chance" Rollerball from the Fate & Fortune Collection as gifts from my boyfriend.

Chance is a great scent for the Summer and Spring! It has a very nice, fresh smell. It's sweet, but it remains light, not cloying and wears well. I don't wear it as much as Tainted Love, but I still like it a lot. I also got a tiny bubble bath as part of my present.. but I haven't used it yet. ^^;

The Tainted Love set contains the Tainted Love eau de parfum, Tainted Love shea butter handcreme and the La Vie En Rose lip elixir.

Tainted Love smells lovely and has quickly become one of my favorite scents to wear.  The Tainted Love fragrance notes are dark vanilla bean, orchid, white tea, sandalwood. I'm great at describing scents but it has a very warm, vaguely spicy smell. It reminds of gingerbread, actually. Because it is a warm scent I enjoyed wearing it more during the fall and winter months. The scent usually becomes somewhat subtle by the end of the day, but definitely doesn't completely disappear. I should mention that if you don't like super sweet smelling perfume you might not like this one as much. It's not that it's sugary sweet or over the top, but I like my perfumes a bit more on the sweet side than the flowery side.

I'm not a big lotion fan, but the handcreme is nice and buttery. I do put it on my elbows which tend to dry out more than anything else and it definitely helped.

The the La Vie En Rose lip elixir has flavor notes of rosewater, sweet orange, peach and tahitian vanilla. Once again, I like sweet scents and tastes and I was surprised how much I liked this combination. All the flavors are pretty muted and work well together. It has a mostly fruity taste/scent. The orange and rosewater flavors seem the be the most dominant.

As far as lip balms go, it's just... normal. I honestly have yet to find a single thing that seems to help and/or prevent flakiness for me besides just drinking water.

These sets make awesome gifts and I'd actually like to see what the rest of the collection is like! I'm very happy with it overall and I hope TokyoMilk continues to add to their Dark line.

To close here's a shot of the perfumes I wear regularly!

left to right: Harajuku Lovers 'Music' | TokyoMilk Dark 'Tainted Love' | Kat Von D 'Sinner'
Viktor and Rolf 'Antidote' | Blood Concept 'AB' | Burberry 'London (hiding in the back)
♥ le petit alice

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